Project 365

I can’t believe it is already January 11th! Time has flown by already! I decided to get the Project 365 App for my phone! It forces me to take a picture every day. So far I have kept up with it! (We will see how the rest of the year goes!)


1. It snowed on the 1st!!

2. I started a craft project that I ended up not liking…so its just sitting in my craft room unfinished now.

3. Sally used to always come upstairs with my while I got ready for the day….then she stopped when Reece came around! Now she does it again! 🙂

4. Date night at Clicks! Delish

5. I photographed a wedding reception and rented one of the lenses I have on my wish list!

6. I went wedding dress shopping with my friend lindsey! Don’t worry, that isn’t the dress she picked out, but I still blurred it anyway! 🙂

7. I started eatin healthy for lunch! Spinach salad with apples and rasberry dressing! YUM!

8. Aspen date with Marsha & Danna!

9. Chai Tea at work! My new obession!

10. Homemade cookies and creme ice cream! YUMMMMY!

And I haven’t taken a picture today!


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