New Year Resolutions

So what if it is already January 15th? I am usually on top of NY Resolutions and goals but this year I just didn’t do it. So finally today (while I was working hard….at work) I thought about what I want to do differently this year.

1. Get in shape (that will always be on the list…because I always fail to do so!)

2. Be a better friend (I want to start sending random cards, or baking cookies for friends!)

3. Clean my house more/Keep it clean. (I am terrible at letting the laundry stay folded in various places and piling junk on the table!)

4. Read the Bible more often.

5. Be better at showing Brian I love him. (i.e. notes, cards, words of affirmation!)

6. Be more active. (Instead of watching tv, go for a walk or take the girls to the park….stuff like that!)

I am sure I will think of more, but for now thats it!



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