I posted about my 365 project here!

So far…I haven’t missed a day! Here is the last week and a half!


(you already saw 9 & 10!)

11. The sunrise and sunsets were so pretty!!

12. Brian was out of town, so I got crafty and painted a canvas!

13. Lunch at Karsten Creek! Our favorite Sunday tradition!

14. I booked a wedding which is ALWAYS exciting!

15. I bought an old wood ladder and I am using it to hold our throw blankets!

16. Went to our first SBI class!

17. Got up early to work out! Reece helped me too….

18. Brian went to wrestling so I went to Chipotle!

19. Took the Concealed Carrier class! It was a lot of fun!

20. It was a beautiful day! So we went to the lake and walked the trails!

21. Had the day off so we headed to OKC and had lunch with Alyssa!

22. I had a date with my dear friend Rachel! I miss having her here!!

23.  Another day at the park with Reece and Sally!!

24. CLOSET OF HAPPINESS! Basically one of our secretarys makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies EVER!!! and she hides them in the closet….therefore ‘closet of happiness’


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