Project 365: March

I am here for another instalment of Project 365! Here is March:


1. Lunch at Charlies

2. Breakfast with Courdog!!

3. Lindsey & Michael’s engagement pictures.

4. Decorating the office!

5. A cute thank you gift from a friend!

6. Ice cream from Marble Slab

7. Afternoon Run

8. OSU Wrestling

9. Reece just enjoying the view

10. The Lucky Run

11. Working on our Etsy Site

12. Organic strawberries…YUM!

13. Making stuffed strawberries

14. My Sally

15. Campfire

16. Camping in the Mountains

17. Sally again!

18. A little redecorating

19. Crafting!

20. Lunch with Mom

21. A clean house to myself..kinda

22. Card making

23. Girls night with Alyssa

24. Snow!!

25. Reece is a nut.

26. Tuesday long run…9 miles!

27. Pictures of a sweet family.

28. Perfect day for a trip to the park.

29. Beautiful Sunrise

30. Easter Egg Celebration!



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