I can’t believe it has been a year since Garrett’s plane crash. I have so many thoughts running through my head…but I can’t seem to organize them.

Nearly every day something reminds me of Garrett.

Sweet tea makes me think of how much he loved it and always ordered it.

Red Hummers instantly make me think of him. So do Blue Hondas.

Taco nights make me think of all the times he came over for tacos.

McAlisters reminds me of all the times we ate there after church.

The list goes on and on and on.

Some days my heart hurts so bad I feel like I can’t breath. Some days I am reminded of all the sweet memories Brian and I shared with Garrett. And there are days that I forget he is not longer with us until I want to talk to him.

We miss him so much.


(one of the last pictures I took of garrett)


Project 365: April



1. New toy for Sally…it lasted 10 minutes.

2. Rainy day!

3. Love these trees…but they sure smell bad!

4. Rented an awesome camera…Reece was my test model!

5. Danna & Lane’s wedding!

6. Lunch date with Rachel!

7. Photo shoot with the girls!

8. Last date with Marsha before she moved.

9. Storms rolling in!

10. My Sally!

11. Telling Marsha goodbye!

12. Shoe sale!! Shhh don’t tell brian!

13. Baby horses! How Cute!

14. Spent time with family!

15. Women’s ministry dinner!

16. Working at the JH Track meet!

17. Took the day off to head to grand lake! We finally sold our land!!!

18. Decorating the house.

19. Strawberry plants starting to bloom!

20. Tea Party!!

21. Hanging with the POO.

22. Reece…again.

23. My first Etsy sale!

24. Our PTA brought us lunch!

25. Early morning run!

26. Brian got a promotion!!

27. Found a canola field!

28. Ran a half marathon!

29. Beautiful weather! Hanging outside with Sally.

30. Reecie poo being neeeeeeeeedy.

Where Has the Time Gone?

I can’t believe it is May! This year has already gone by SO SO fast! April was such a great month! I will post my 365 photos later…but for now, here is what I did this month:

48004_4848528658171_1264439333_n[1] 298077_4848525898102_689584270_n[1]

I hosted my 3rd Annual Tea Party (I need to blog about that, too) which is one of my favorite things about April!


We had our first SBC Women’s Ministry Event!


I ran my 4th half marathon!


And I got to see family!

Here’s to an even better May!