Project 365: April



1. New toy for Sally…it lasted 10 minutes.

2. Rainy day!

3. Love these trees…but they sure smell bad!

4. Rented an awesome camera…Reece was my test model!

5. Danna & Lane’s wedding!

6. Lunch date with Rachel!

7. Photo shoot with the girls!

8. Last date with Marsha before she moved.

9. Storms rolling in!

10. My Sally!

11. Telling Marsha goodbye!

12. Shoe sale!! Shhh don’t tell brian!

13. Baby horses! How Cute!

14. Spent time with family!

15. Women’s ministry dinner!

16. Working at the JH Track meet!

17. Took the day off to head to grand lake! We finally sold our land!!!

18. Decorating the house.

19. Strawberry plants starting to bloom!

20. Tea Party!!

21. Hanging with the POO.

22. Reece…again.

23. My first Etsy sale!

24. Our PTA brought us lunch!

25. Early morning run!

26. Brian got a promotion!!

27. Found a canola field!

28. Ran a half marathon!

29. Beautiful weather! Hanging outside with Sally.

30. Reecie poo being neeeeeeeeedy.


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