365: May

I can’t believe its already June 8th. Last night I realized I never got my May photos together for my 365 project! So here you go:


1. Sally’s Birthday

2. Reece is scared of the vacuum so always hides on the stairs.

3. 15 days left of school!!

4. My favorite dessert.

5. Hot air balloon in the sky!

6. Dinner with friends.

7. Stormy sky.

8. Reece playing in the mud.

9. Anniversary card for my friend.

10. My painting from a birthday party!

11. My HS BFF’s wedding!

12. Happy Mother’s Day

13. First ripe strawberry!

14. Home grown asparagus!

15. Reecie’s birthday!

16. Rented my favorite camera…ever!

17. SJHS Talent Show

18. Cookout with the work family.

19. Did some gardening!

20. The Moore Tornado

21. My sally girl.

22. Anniversary Flowers!


24. Sally all snug in bed.

25. Taking Julianna’s bridal pics

26. Going for a walk!

27. Found a turtle!

28. Edit, Edit, Edit

29. Still enjoying my flowers

30. Two of my favorite people

31. My new toy


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