365: May

I can’t believe its already June 8th. Last night I realized I never got my May photos together for my 365 project! So here you go:


1. Sally’s Birthday

2. Reece is scared of the vacuum so always hides on the stairs.

3. 15 days left of school!!

4. My favorite dessert.

5. Hot air balloon in the sky!

6. Dinner with friends.

7. Stormy sky.

8. Reece playing in the mud.

9. Anniversary card for my friend.

10. My painting from a birthday party!

11. My HS BFF’s wedding!

12. Happy Mother’s Day

13. First ripe strawberry!

14. Home grown asparagus!

15. Reecie’s birthday!

16. Rented my favorite camera…ever!

17. SJHS Talent Show

18. Cookout with the work family.

19. Did some gardening!

20. The Moore Tornado

21. My sally girl.

22. Anniversary Flowers!


24. Sally all snug in bed.

25. Taking Julianna’s bridal pics

26. Going for a walk!

27. Found a turtle!

28. Edit, Edit, Edit

29. Still enjoying my flowers

30. Two of my favorite people

31. My new toy


2012 Resolutions

I decided to go back and see what my ‘new year resolutions’ were this year! I don’t think I have looked at the list since I made it back in January.

1. Get in Shape (duh)

I kinda got in shape this summer….then fall hit…and now I am way out of shape!

2. Save Money….like crazy.

I have saved money…but not tooo crazy!

3. Be more fashionable (aka…wear less sweat pants out in public)

I am not saying I am fashionable….but I made more of an effort this year! Baby steps people.

4. Buy fancy heals that I will probably only wear once a year.

5. Run a half-marathon

I ran two of them!!

6. Create a Crafty/Mancave

We sold our chairs upstairs and I turned it into a photography craft room…so I halfway did this!

7. Check off some things on my “24 before 25” list!

I ran a half-marathon, do a sprint tri, photograph a wedding, go on a road trip, get in shape (which I kinda did this summer…then stopped), visit my sister in virginia!

Now I have to figure out what I want to tackle in 2013! What is on your list?

The Herndon’s

(psst…I accidentally blogged this here instead of my photography blog! So if you are seeing double, that is why! 🙂 )

I just love this family! Sonya works in Brian’s office and her husband is a Doctoral Vet student (I think thats what you call it?!) And I am sure they are sick of our calls and questions every time Sally or Reece look sick! 🙂 But I am happy to get to take family pictures for them!! Here is a sneak peak into their Christmas session!

(In case you were wondering…this is a kid sandwich!)



I have been so busy with photography!! And I absolutely LOVE IT!! I have actually had to turn away 2 potential clients because our schedules didn’t match up! I can’t complain though…I am loving all the business! Here is a quick sneak peak from what I’ve been up to…and if you want to see more you can go HERE!

Bucket List

At the begining of the school year we had our student aids make a list of things they wanted to do before they died. The things on their lists ranged from ‘Marry Adam Levine’ to ‘Graduate College’. This inspired me to write my own list! So here it is…and I am sure I will add to it! 🙂

Emily’s List of Things To Do In Life

Graduate from College

Get Married

Go to the Grand Canyon

See the Statue of Liberty

Back pack in Europe

Go to Australia

Go to New York on New Year’s Eve

Go to Disney World during Christmas

Go to Hawaii

Do a Sprint Triathlon

Go on an Alaskan Cruise

Go to the Boston Marathon

Read the entire Bible

Buy a House with Land

Be a full-time Photographer

Go to the Great Wall of China

Go to the Olympics

Go to all 50 States

Run a Marathon

Run the Walt Disney Marathon

Go on an African Safari

Hello, is anyone still out there?!?

Wow. I can’t believe its been a month since I last blogged! Life has been a bit busy…or maybe a lot busy! Between work, life, photography and running I just haven’t found time to blog! So here is a recap of the last month, thanks to my iPhone!

Our friends Adam and Brandi invited us to an OSU game and we got to go on the roof!

Birthday Octopus Hug!

Birthday Girls Night at PF Changs!

My mom made me a birthday cake!

OSU Homecoming with Drew & Kristan!

The Tulsa Run with Lana and Katherine!!

And of course my crazy parents!!

If you want to keep up with my photography…to HERE!