Happy Valentine’s Day





I can’t believe January is already over!! Here is the end of my project 365 for January!


25. Went to Click’s for dinner and they had my FAVORITE soup!! Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup!

26. Girls night at Los Cabos!

27. I finally got to use my new 50mm lens!!

28. I made a soup for ‘Soup Monday’ and it was delish!

29. I made Chicken Pot Pie for the first time!

30. Trying to memorize a verse for SBI! So I wrote it down over and over again.

31. Girls Bible Study!! Ephesians Chapter 3! Love this time with great gals!


I posted about my 365 project here!

So far…I haven’t missed a day! Here is the last week and a half!


(you already saw 9 & 10!)

11. The sunrise and sunsets were so pretty!!

12. Brian was out of town, so I got crafty and painted a canvas!

13. Lunch at Karsten Creek! Our favorite Sunday tradition!

14. I booked a wedding which is ALWAYS exciting!

15. I bought an old wood ladder and I am using it to hold our throw blankets!

16. Went to our first SBI class!

17. Got up early to work out! Reece helped me too….

18. Brian went to wrestling so I went to Chipotle!

19. Took the Concealed Carrier class! It was a lot of fun!

20. It was a beautiful day! So we went to the lake and walked the trails!

21. Had the day off so we headed to OKC and had lunch with Alyssa!

22. I had a date with my dear friend Rachel! I miss having her here!!

23.  Another day at the park with Reece and Sally!!

24. CLOSET OF HAPPINESS! Basically one of our secretarys makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies EVER!!! and she hides them in the closet….therefore ‘closet of happiness’

New Year Resolutions

So what if it is already January 15th? I am usually on top of NY Resolutions and goals but this year I just didn’t do it. So finally today (while I was working hard….at work) I thought about what I want to do differently this year.

1. Get in shape (that will always be on the list…because I always fail to do so!)

2. Be a better friend (I want to start sending random cards, or baking cookies for friends!)

3. Clean my house more/Keep it clean. (I am terrible at letting the laundry stay folded in various places and piling junk on the table!)

4. Read the Bible more often.

5. Be better at showing Brian I love him. (i.e. notes, cards, words of affirmation!)

6. Be more active. (Instead of watching tv, go for a walk or take the girls to the park….stuff like that!)

I am sure I will think of more, but for now thats it!


Project 365

I can’t believe it is already January 11th! Time has flown by already! I decided to get the Project 365 App for my phone! It forces me to take a picture every day. So far I have kept up with it! (We will see how the rest of the year goes!)


1. It snowed on the 1st!!

2. I started a craft project that I ended up not liking…so its just sitting in my craft room unfinished now.

3. Sally used to always come upstairs with my while I got ready for the day….then she stopped when Reece came around! Now she does it again! 🙂

4. Date night at Clicks! Delish

5. I photographed a wedding reception and rented one of the lenses I have on my wish list!

6. I went wedding dress shopping with my friend lindsey! Don’t worry, that isn’t the dress she picked out, but I still blurred it anyway! 🙂

7. I started eatin healthy for lunch! Spinach salad with apples and rasberry dressing! YUM!

8. Aspen date with Marsha & Danna!

9. Chai Tea at work! My new obession!

10. Homemade cookies and creme ice cream! YUMMMMY!

And I haven’t taken a picture today!

Highlights of 2012

I have mixed emotions about 2012. A lot of exciting things happened, but I also lost a really great friend. Here are a few HIGHLIGHTS from 2012!

405930_2663038582285_259585275_nI photographed my first wedding!!


We celebrated the engagement of Garrett & Rachel! Our last big celebration before Garrett passed away!


I got to see Brittany kick cancers butt!!

524360_3755556534551_953220310_nI got a new job at Stillwater Junior High! And you are required to wear the same thing has your boss. Ok not really…but this is one of the FEW pictures I have in my office!


I got to meet my photography idol!! It was pretty exciting!!!


I got to hang out with Miss Oklahoma for an evening!


I ran a half-marathon!


I hosted my second tea party!


We celebrated our 2nd anniversary!


I got to be a part of Katherine’s beautiful wedding!


Brian and I got to visit my sister in DC! I hadn’t seen her in over a year!



I checked a few things off my bucket list!


I got to meet Rupert Gee!


We got to spend a month with our nephew!


I went on a road trip with Kristan!

427500_3651101483240_1671911366_n 551833_560204010435_407241367_n

I got to be a part of Amy’s beautiful wedding!!!!


We got a new car!!!


I participated in my first Triathlon!


I ran in the Tusa run!


I ran in the Route 66 Half-Marathon and beat my best time by 10 minutes!


Had lots of great girls nights!


I got to see my sister AGAIN! (This never happens!)


2012 consisted of LOST of Octopus Hugs


And time spent with family.

There were so many other great things as well!

Here is to 2013!

Happy New Year!