Supper Club: Cattleman’s

Remember last summer when I said the Warwicks and the Weavers were going to start this great thing called ‘The Supper Club’?!? Yea… well life happened and it came to a screeching halt. BUT don’t worry….we are starting it again!!! 🙂

So after the wedding this weekend we decided to celebrate by going to Cattleman’s, a restaurant in Oklahoma City that is on our ‘Supper Club’ list.

Here is a little refresher on the criteria.

Food, Cleanliness, Atmosphere, Price, Service and Overall.

Each of us rank each category from 1-10 and then we take the average of our scores to make a final score. So here it is…

Food: 7

Cleanliness: 6.6

Atmosphere: 7.3

Price: 6.8

Service: 6.5

Overall Score: 6.9

We ended up waiting in line for an hour and half before we got seated. But the steaks were good. Our conclusion was that we probably wouldn’t go there again, unless we happened to be in the neighborhood and there was no wait!

PS. While we waited, Nina and I went to a cute little shop….and found this pink piano! How cute is that?!?!