Top 10 Moments of 2010

I can’t believe this year is practically over! 2010 has been a very exciting year…lots of change and excitement!

Here is the Warwick’s top 10 moments of 2010

10. Brian got a new job as a principal

9. Emily graduated from college

8. Emily got a new job (no more waiting tables!!!)

7. Running the OKC Marathon

6. Cruising the Caribbean islands

5. Spending time with family

4. Taking spontaneous weekend trips

3. Hanging out with GREAT friends

2. Emily traveling to Washington D.C. to visit her sister




Hopefully 2011 brings as much fun and as many blessings as 2010!



Lights, Lights and more Lights

On Sunday we went to OKC with some friends to eat dinner and see some amazing Christmas light! It was a lot of fun! Here are a few pics from our night!!

These trees were so bright! 1000’s of lights on every one!

I tortured my husband by making him take lots of pictures together 🙂  He will be thankful some day!

It was a great night with some great friends!


Its Almost Time!

I CAN NOT believe its already December 20th…well 21st but who’s counting? :)!  Christmas will be here before you know it!

Here are a couple of things I love about this time of year…

I love making wreaths!

Cute decorations!

And baking cookies in my  “Mrs Warwick” apron!!


Ornaments Galore

Ornaments make such great gifts, and are so much fun to buy!!

Brian informed me last night that our tree had too many…(I don’t think he knows what he is talking about)

Here are a few of my favorite ornaments on OUR tree!

I got this one at hobby lobby for half off!! I think its so pretty!

My mom made this one out of an old light-bulb!

I know this picture looks terrible…but I made this one a LONNNG time ago..and I just think its so cute!

OK, I know what your thinking…this is extremely ugly! But there is a story. I found this upstairs while cleaning, and on the top of Santa’s hat it says “Monterrey, Mexico 2007” which is where we got to know each other on a mission trip! So even though I didn’t know this existed until last week…I love it!!

I saw this idea in a crafty blog! I made it in 1 minute…literally. That is why my dots are crooked…but I didn’t care enough to fix it…so I stuck it in the back of my tree! 🙂

I have so many more special ornaments…I am sure I will share more!!


One year ago today, Brian Warwick asked me if I would marry him! 🙂

Here is the story:

On December 9, 2009, a Wednesday evening, Brian and I went to Hideaway for dinner. After dinner we went back to his house, when I told him I was leaving to go study with Alyssa. After seeing the ‘are you kidding me?!’ look on his face, Brian says, “If I propose will you stay?” I just laughed and left to go study!

After Alyssa and I had studied at Aspen, I went back to Brian’s house, and was immediately greeted with hugs and kisses at the door! I remember him telling me how much he loves and is thankful for me, and I thought “Why is he telling me all this right now? Oh well, whatever, I love him too!” We somehow got on the topic of him proposing. Because he doesn’t like the traditional or elaborate proposals, I told him “I at least want you to get down on one knee!!” He slowly walked me towards ‘our chair’, got down on one knee, reached underneath the couch for the ring box and said, “You mean, like this?” I started screaming with excitement as he opened the lighted box, which was all I could see with the lights off in his living room! Brian then asked “Will you marry me?” and of course I said, “YES!!”

I am so thankful and blessed to have found such a wonderful guy!

Christmas Train

Have you ever been the the Christmas Train?

Its so great!! We went with the Weavers, and we weren’t sure what to expect…but we all had a blast!

Here are a few pics…

This is Brian and I in the ‘town’ area where they had shops, saloons, and diners

We even rode the carousel…and we conned our husbands into it! Obviously they had a lot of fun…can’t you see it on your face?

This is right before we rode the train! It went through the story of Jesus’ birth and resurrection!


Today was a boring day at work…so I did a little ‘photo-shopping’ on a picture of our church and turned it into a winter wonderland so I would have a cute background on my work computer 🙂

Hope your December is fabulous so far!