Assignment #2

Tonight I have my photography class! This weeks assignment was to take pictures of 1 subject (I picked my friend Jessica!) and take 6 different pictures: head & shoulders, 3/4 shot, full shot, sitting, standing, laying

Most of the pictures I LOVE from our fun little photo shoot don’t EXACTLY fit into the criteria. So here are the pictures I am showing in class…plus a few extra!

Head Shot…I couldn’t decide which one I liked Im showing both!

3/4 Shot

Full Shot

Standing: Not sure if the first one counts…so I am going to take both of these.








Here are a few pictures that I just love!




Working on A Goal

So one of my new year’s goals was to get more serious about photography! I love taking pictures for people, I love coming up with new ideas…but I need some serious help with operating a camera!

I ended up signing up for a photography class. Last night was the second class, and we had to bring our first assignment.

Assignment #1: Bring 6 pictures you have already taken.

Here are the 6 pictures I showed!

My teacher seemed to like them! So hopefully I can continue to learn and get better and do photography on the side!! One can dream….right??

Mom & Dad

My parents came to visit this weekend, so we had a mini photo shoot so I could practice using different settings on my camera! Here are a few pics we took!


I made them do a jumping picture…of course!

We took a bunch more…so Ill probably be adding more later!

girls night <3

I love love love a night out with the girls! It usually entails things my husband does not like, such as PF Changs, The Melting Pot and Thai Cafe! Tonight we are having girls night again..and we ARE going to one of the places my hubby hates!!

Here are a few pictures from past wonderful girls nights…

(Sometimes a girls TRIP)

Can’t wait for tonight!

Bitter Cold vs. Nice & Warm

My dog, Sally LOVES LOVES LOVES warmth. She will push you out of the way to get in front of a space heater…she will pretend she needs to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night just so she can steal the warm spot your sleeping in…and she will HOG the heated blanket on the bed.

She would never last a day outside in this cold weather! (I know, I know she is spoiled rotten)

HOWEVER, my parents dog, Sky is complete opposite. She loves to hunt…and that may mean jumping in a freezing cold pond and being covered in ice!


I think I’ll stick with Sally and fight her for a spot in front of the space heater!

Happy Saturday

Today I am going to spend the day with my Grandma!

This picture was taken in 1959 (my grandma is the ‘mom’ in this picture, but she is holding my mom!)

This picture was taken at my wedding.

I am so thankful to have grown up having such a wonderful Grandma!


Happy Saturday!!