Tulsa Run 2011

On Saturday I ran in the Tulsa Run! It was my first time doing so!! The race is a 15k (9.3 miles) and a lot of fun. Since it is so close to Halloween (HAPPY HALLOWEEN BY THE WAY!!) a lot of people dress up! (But not me 🙂 )

This was the starting line. We got there early enough to not be in the very back! Over 3,000 people ran in the Tulsa Run!

I ran with my friend Katherine and her friend Lanna!

(p.s. I know I look like death! It was freezing and EARLY)

My parents came to cheer me on and took some pictures of me running! This was mile 6!

Above are my stats! I finished in 1:21:37!! Thats a 8:46 average pace! Not bad for my first Tulsa Run!!! 🙂

Next race….Route 66 Half-Marathon!!



This morning Marsha, Stacey and I all showed up with purple sweaters on at work! So I insisted we take a picture together!

Aside from Marsha not smiling….how cute are we?!?! 🙂

I decided since I had a camera pointing at me for once…I better practice my modeling skills…..

Obviously…I need more practice! hehe


This morning as I got ready for work, Sally stayed under the covers….but peaked out to see what I was doing! I just love her! 🙂

Happy Tea Day!! (Remember….its Sweet Tea Thursday!)

My Weekend According to Instagram

My weekend didn’t really start until Saturday evening! I had to coordinate a wedding on Saturday AND run 10 miles.

I am over half way done with training!!

After running and the wedding, me and the girls left for Talala/Nowata

Reece slept the entire way!!! (Isn’t she cute?!?)

The first night we stayed at Brian’s mom’s house! She has a lot of cool stuff in her house. One room is completely decorated in old sporty memorabilia!

Even though I have been in this room 100 times, this time I found this really cool old camera!! Too bad it doesn’t work…

Reece made a new friend!! She couldn’t stop staring and Brian’s mom’s cat! 🙂

We had dinner at my parents house and mom made Wendy’s frosties (thank you Pinterist!!!!)

Brian had to go back to Stillwater Sunday night….so I stayed one more night with my parents!

Monday we ate at this CUTE little ‘Tea & Sand which’ place called “The Pink House”

I LOVE going here when I come home!

Finally it was time to head home to Stillwater!

And as I mentioned before….here is a little of our fall decor!

Have a FANTASTIC Tuesday!!

‘There’s Trouble’

See this ‘sweet’ little girl? Yes, I know she is cute, but don’t let her looks deceive you. She is an absolute mess. You don’t believe that something THIS CUTE could do something TERRIBLE?

This was yesterday. Yep. She got into all of BRIAN’S DVDs(thankfully not my chick flicks…otherwise there would have been a serious throw down.)


This was today. She chewed up a very expensive workout video.

Needless to say….she IS in her crate right now. (with some toys….don’t worry!)

I hope your Wednesday is LESS eventful than mine!

My Weekend :)

As always…my weekend FLEW by!

It started off coming home from work on Friday and finding these on my dinner table!

Isn’t my hubs the greatest?

Saturday (after running 9 miles and getting really sick) I went to the Taylor Swift concert with my friend Alyssa!

It was so much fun! BUT we were probably the oldest people there without kids…oh well!(p.s. we sat in the farthest/highest seat possible) 🙂

On Sunday after church we met up with our friends Drew & Kristan to go to a Pumpkin Patch!

We went to a pumpkin patch in Arcadia, Ok. It was very misleading! There is NO pumpkin patch at the ‘pumpkin patch’. They just had a table full of pumpkins for you to choose from! BUT they did have a hay ride, corn maze, fire pits, petting zoo and other games! (Once again…we were the oldest people there without kids) 🙂

Since we didn’t get to ACTUALLY pick a pumpkin….we just grabbed the free baby ones!

After the pumpkin patch….we went to POPS!

And of course, I got a Creme Soda!

I also decorated our house for fall! I will upload pictures later! 🙂

Sisterly Love

One year ago today I was SKIPPING work to get on a plane to visit my sister! I so wish I was doing that again…because it has been 1 WHOLE YEAR since I have seen her. So I thought I would look back at pictures from our trip to D.C.

Here are a few of my favorite.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!


Crafy, Crafty

On my ‘24 things to do before I turn 25” list I mentioned wanting to sell cards that I make! Right now I just enjoy making them for other people’s birthdays, anniversaries and thank you’s,but I think if I really spent the time on them…I could sell them on Etsy! We will see….

Anyways..here are a few that I made today!

(I can thank Pinterist for a few of the ideas!)

P.S. It is Sweet Tea Thursday around the office….so grab yourself a sweet tea!

(You can thank Pinterist for this too!)