Project 365: April



1. New toy for Sally…it lasted 10 minutes.

2. Rainy day!

3. Love these trees…but they sure smell bad!

4. Rented an awesome camera…Reece was my test model!

5. Danna & Lane’s wedding!

6. Lunch date with Rachel!

7. Photo shoot with the girls!

8. Last date with Marsha before she moved.

9. Storms rolling in!

10. My Sally!

11. Telling Marsha goodbye!

12. Shoe sale!! Shhh don’t tell brian!

13. Baby horses! How Cute!

14. Spent time with family!

15. Women’s ministry dinner!

16. Working at the JH Track meet!

17. Took the day off to head to grand lake! We finally sold our land!!!

18. Decorating the house.

19. Strawberry plants starting to bloom!

20. Tea Party!!

21. Hanging with the POO.

22. Reece…again.

23. My first Etsy sale!

24. Our PTA brought us lunch!

25. Early morning run!

26. Brian got a promotion!!

27. Found a canola field!

28. Ran a half marathon!

29. Beautiful weather! Hanging outside with Sally.

30. Reecie poo being neeeeeeeeedy.


Project 365: March

I am here for another instalment of Project 365! Here is March:


1. Lunch at Charlies

2. Breakfast with Courdog!!

3. Lindsey & Michael’s engagement pictures.

4. Decorating the office!

5. A cute thank you gift from a friend!

6. Ice cream from Marble Slab

7. Afternoon Run

8. OSU Wrestling

9. Reece just enjoying the view

10. The Lucky Run

11. Working on our Etsy Site

12. Organic strawberries…YUM!

13. Making stuffed strawberries

14. My Sally

15. Campfire

16. Camping in the Mountains

17. Sally again!

18. A little redecorating

19. Crafting!

20. Lunch with Mom

21. A clean house to myself..kinda

22. Card making

23. Girls night with Alyssa

24. Snow!!

25. Reece is a nut.

26. Tuesday long run…9 miles!

27. Pictures of a sweet family.

28. Perfect day for a trip to the park.

29. Beautiful Sunrise

30. Easter Egg Celebration!


Project 365: February 2013

I can’t believe its already March! Where did the time go?

Here is my project 365 for February!


1. An evening editing photos 2. Took the cutest newborn photos 3. Superbowl party 4. My favorite time of year…girlscout cookie time 5. Running by the light of the moon 6. Very foggy morning 7. Reece helping me do yoga 8. Reece just being cute 9. Girl night 10. Bowling with our young married group 11. Watched Pitch Perfect, per the request of my aids 12. Heart shaped pizza 13. Burning CD’s for clients 14. Happy Valentines Day 15. VDay Date at the Warren 16. Breakfast at Red Rock 17. The Gossen’s came to visit! 18. Lunch date with my mom 19. Perfect day for a ride in the car 20. A little snow 21. Lots of snow! 22. Recieved my new bussiness cards! 23. Visited my grandma 24. Reece is a nut 25. More Snow 26. Coffee date with Marsah 27. Snuggling with Sally 28. Feeling sick…so drinking OJ


I can’t believe January is already over!! Here is the end of my project 365 for January!


25. Went to Click’s for dinner and they had my FAVORITE soup!! Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup!

26. Girls night at Los Cabos!

27. I finally got to use my new 50mm lens!!

28. I made a soup for ‘Soup Monday’ and it was delish!

29. I made Chicken Pot Pie for the first time!

30. Trying to memorize a verse for SBI! So I wrote it down over and over again.

31. Girls Bible Study!! Ephesians Chapter 3! Love this time with great gals!


I posted about my 365 project here!

So far…I haven’t missed a day! Here is the last week and a half!


(you already saw 9 & 10!)

11. The sunrise and sunsets were so pretty!!

12. Brian was out of town, so I got crafty and painted a canvas!

13. Lunch at Karsten Creek! Our favorite Sunday tradition!

14. I booked a wedding which is ALWAYS exciting!

15. I bought an old wood ladder and I am using it to hold our throw blankets!

16. Went to our first SBI class!

17. Got up early to work out! Reece helped me too….

18. Brian went to wrestling so I went to Chipotle!

19. Took the Concealed Carrier class! It was a lot of fun!

20. It was a beautiful day! So we went to the lake and walked the trails!

21. Had the day off so we headed to OKC and had lunch with Alyssa!

22. I had a date with my dear friend Rachel! I miss having her here!!

23.  Another day at the park with Reece and Sally!!

24. CLOSET OF HAPPINESS! Basically one of our secretarys makes the BEST chocolate chip cookies EVER!!! and she hides them in the closet….therefore ‘closet of happiness’

Project 365

I can’t believe it is already January 11th! Time has flown by already! I decided to get the Project 365 App for my phone! It forces me to take a picture every day. So far I have kept up with it! (We will see how the rest of the year goes!)


1. It snowed on the 1st!!

2. I started a craft project that I ended up not liking…so its just sitting in my craft room unfinished now.

3. Sally used to always come upstairs with my while I got ready for the day….then she stopped when Reece came around! Now she does it again! 🙂

4. Date night at Clicks! Delish

5. I photographed a wedding reception and rented one of the lenses I have on my wish list!

6. I went wedding dress shopping with my friend lindsey! Don’t worry, that isn’t the dress she picked out, but I still blurred it anyway! 🙂

7. I started eatin healthy for lunch! Spinach salad with apples and rasberry dressing! YUM!

8. Aspen date with Marsha & Danna!

9. Chai Tea at work! My new obession!

10. Homemade cookies and creme ice cream! YUMMMMY!

And I haven’t taken a picture today!