Morning Runs

For the last few weeks I have consistently woken up at 4:50 to run before work (if that isn’t dedication…I don’t know what is!) It is still dark at 4:50…as you could have guessed, which means creatures are still out and about. Every morning I see at least 1 armadillo…sometimes 2 and on occasion…..A SKUNK! <– That will make you run fast.

Its funny what creeps you out when you run in the dark! (disclaimer: I almost always run with someone in the dark, so MOM…don’t worry). Hearing the wind in the trees magically sounds like someone hiding in the bushes when its dark. Another runner automatically looks like an axe murderer. And all the armadillos…well they are just creepy any time of day.

Moral of my longdrawnoutstory is that even though running in the dark is kinda creepy, it is so nice to get it over with before work!

Happy Weekend Ya’ll!

Oh…and GO POKES!!!!



Sally just wanted to get your attention.

We are gearing up for a BUSY BUSY weekend! Did I mention our weekend was going to be busy? It involves a high school football game, company, wedding photography, dropping off dogs, picking up dogs, seeing our parents, going to the lake, fitting in Alyssa time and hopefully meeting my friends new boyfriend!

What are you doing this weekend? I hope it is relaxing!


Work has been CRAAAAZZZY!!!

Getting ready for school to start means lots of enrollment, lots of schedules…and lots of angry parents. Whew…I am so glad its the weekend. Here are a few of my iphone pics of what Ive been up to lately…other than work!

Last weekend Kristan and I went to dallas for some shopping. While we were there we met up with our good friends Nathan and Candace!

We stayed in the cutest hotel, Le Meridean. Everything was pink and modern!

On Sunday I squeezed in a little pool time!

I love this girl…especially when she rests her head on me.

The pooser.

My Friend Nina texted this to me…and I loved it!

Happy Weekend!

New Car

The Warwicks FINALLY got a new car!!!! Both of our vehicles were starting to fall apart…and after my AC went out and it wasn’t really fixable (it was going to cost over $1000…for something that probably isn’t even worth that!) I had a minor breakdown…and so we went late night car shopping. Found what we wanted. And well bought it!

So YAY for AC, Remote start, Bluetooth, XM Radio, OnStar…and all the other bells and whitles!

Behind the Scenes

I just LOVE weddings! Especially when I get to photograph them! Here are a few behind the scenes pics from Calley & Miles’ wedding!

Telling the groom what to do before he sees his bride!

My lovely assistant Julianna!

And sometimes you have other jobs besides photography…like fixing a plate for the bride! 🙂